P2PU Community

A group photo of the P2PU Gathering held in Kansas City in 2018 We’d like to invite you to contribute to P2PU!

P2PU is a community of peers helping one another learn together. But that’s not where it ends! We believe that only way we’ll succeed to create equitable education is if we have people like you take part, try things out, tinker around, fail a bit, and create something that has value for us all. Wherever you are, we’re ready to help you join us as we spread learning circles around the world!

Map of all the learning circles around the world.

Outside of facilitating learning circles and contributing to our P2PU Community Forum, there are many ways to contribute to our vision:

  • Join our monthly virtual community calls and regional meetings to connect with the P2PU Community
  • Promote, advance and lay the groundwork for peer learning in your local area
  • Train a team of learning circle facilitators in your local community
  • Find, create, and share open educational resources with P2PU

Everyone with a P2PU account can also choose to receive a monthly digest of P2PU activities from our entire network. You’re also welcome to stay connected through Twitter @P2PU, #learningcircles and Facebook.

A great way to get started with the P2PU community is to introduce yourself and post any questions that are still unclear. Now that you’re finished with the course, post what remains to the community forum so that we can speak with you about it.

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