Activity: Plus/Delta

As you are well aware by now, learning circles follow a method: check-in, coursework, activity or group discussion, and plus/delta. Checking in and plus/delta are the bookends of a learning circle, and we’ve arrived now at the end.

The last five minutes of a learning circle are spent by having everyone share one thing that went well today (plus), and one thing that we’d like to change for next week (delta). During a learning circle, it’s up to the group to do their best to make sure everybody’s changes can be accommodated the following week.

Some other ideas to consider:

  • Instead of talking in a circle, ask each person who speaks to choose the next speaker.
  • If you have a very large group, you could simply say one word that exemplifies how you feel or how the training went.
  • Ask people to share the first thing that they will do to implement learning circles now that the training is complete.
  • Come up with a ritual that everyone does at the end of a circle, such as trying to get everybody to clap once as a group to close the circle (without counting “1,2,3”). Try it - it’s harder than you think. :)

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