Learning about learning circles

By participating in a learning circle

From the folks who brought you learning circles

About the Course

This is a openly-licensed online course about learning circles, created by Peer 2 Peer University. The course is divided into six modules, each of which can be explored in as little as 20 minutes, or as long as a few hours. Each module consists of three types of resources:

  • Background materials from P2PU for you to read and watch
  • Discussion prompts if you’re taking this course as a group
  • An activity that can be done either individually or in a group

Many of the resources and materials that you’ll interact with were developed by learning circle partners from around the world. In fact, pretty much everything you see here comes from the P2PU community forum, which you can access at any time. This course is dynamic in that it’s always being updated to reflect the latest insights and experiences of the P2PU community.

Intended Audience

The course is designed for anybody who is interested in running a learning circle. It is designed primarily to be taken in a group setting as a learning circle, but it’s also available to engage with individually. If you’re interested in having us run a training workshop with you, reach out to thepeople[at]p2pu[dot]org.

After completing this course, you should feel comfortable and excited about facilitating a learning circle on a topic of your choice. This means that you will:

  • Learn about P2PU and the values of the learning circle model
  • Consider what is needed for learning circles to work effectively in your community
  • Know how to find and assess good online courses
  • Be comfortable facilitating a small group discussion
  • Know where to reach out for help

This course was created using P2PU’s Course in a Box tool.

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