Activity: 10-Minute Facilitation

Why talk about facilitation, when we can just practice? This activity is designed to help get you comfortable facilitating, practicing what you know. We’ve pulled together a handful of 5-minute long Youtube videos about a variety of topics. These will serve as our mini-learning circles!

Divide into small groups of 5-8, based on what participants are most interested in learning. The 5-minute long videos videos you can choose from are:

Once each group is together, they should nominate somebody to be the facilitator. Ideally this is someone who may feel uneasy in the facilitator role. They then watch the video together. When the video ends, the facilitators gets to lead discussion for five minutes.

After five minutes of discussion…

  • Everyone should have spoken at least once
  • Everyone should be able to summarize what happened
  • Nobody should storm out of the room in tears
  • You should still be talking about (more or less) the topic of the video
  • Everybody should have learned at least one new thing (either from the video or their colleagues)

Feel free to repeat with a new video and new facilitator as many times as you’d like.

When you are finished, take 10 minutes to talk (either in small groups or as a large group again) and share feedback about how people experienced the role of the learner and the facilitator, and what facilitation strategies they noticed.

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