Suggested timing: 15 minutes

Unlike the rest of the modules in this course, this module is designed specifically for individuals in the United States (aside from California) who want to offer learning circles for college credit. In addition to reviewing the materials in this module, participants should either first facilitate a learning circle without credit and/or participate in one of P2PU’s free virtual facilitator orientations.

By the end of this module, you will:

  • Learn about the unique relationship between P2PU and College Unbound.
  • Understand how a credit-bearing learning circle differs from a standard learning circle.
  • Be comfortable navigating the tools and processes necessary to bestow credit to learners.
  • Put together a proposal for your first credit-bearing learning circle.

Welcome from P2PU and College Unbound

Take a minute and think about a few words that you associate with the terms “formal education” and “informal learning”.

When we ask this question in a group, people usually say things like “expensive”, “intimidating”, “transformative,” or “rigidly structure” for formal education, and “flexible”, “fun”, “self-directed”, and “casual” for informal learning.

Our goal with this project is to offer the best of both worlds: educational opportunities that are low-stakes not low-worth, institutional but not bureaucratic, self-directed by not lonely, and flexible but not aimless.

By now you probably already know a thing or two about P2PU, so here’s an short introduction video from our partners at College Unbound.