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Advanced Facilitation Techniques

A five-part course exploring the finer points of peer facilitation, built by P2PU

In collaboration with the Rhode Island Library Association (RILA), P2PU has developed this five-part course for individuals who want to go into more depth on facilitation beyond what is offered in Learning about Learning Circles. The course was designed such that each module could be run as an standalone 60-90 minute workshop or run consecutively as a five-part learning circle. The five modules are:

About Course-in-a-Box

P2PU created Course-in-a-Box in 2014 as a free and lightweight tool for building online courses. We wanted to preserve the modular structure of MOOCs outside of the bulky (and often proprietary) environment of learning/content management systems. Course-in-a-Box is open-source, and we welcome contributions on our Github repo.

p.s. Designing a course for learning circles? Check out the Learning Circle Course Creation guide for some best practices on course design.