Activity extensions

Group Visualization

Before discussing the individual results, using dot stickers, participants should place themselves/their marks on the same spectra that are posted on the wall in order to see trends and variations. If there are participants from libraries and museums in your learning circle, try representing museum professionals by one color of dot, and library professionals by a different color.

2x2 Spectra

Intersect two different spectra on an X-Y axis whose intersection is meaningful for understanding your space (imagine open-ended/close-ended on the x-axis and high/low facilitation as the y-axis). Participants should be encouraged to complete at least three 2x2 spectra that are decided by a facilitator or the group. Discuss why these are important intersections and what the results might tell you about your makerspace or program.

Additional Spectra

Identify and generate additional spectra that might be relevant to your makerspace or program and discuss what tensions these spectra represent.

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