Session 3: People Power

Download and print out the People Tool, and watch these brief videos before reading through the activity.


Although the flashy tools and machines of makerspaces and outlandish work products like robotic giraffes get a lot of attention, the secret sauce for a makerspace is the people. People play an important role in creating the conditions for rich learning experiences. This might include designing the learning activities, selecting and maintaining appropriate tools and materials, and facilitating the learning experiences for learners so they are appropriately challenging and engaging. And behind the scenes, there are certainly people hiring and scheduling staff, raising money for the makerspace and communicating the role of maker-based learning experiences for visitors and patrons alike.

For some museums and libraries, these roles are carried out by only a handful of people with key staff wearing multiple hats. In other cases, there is an extensive network of staff and stakeholders involved in bringing the maker-based learning experiences to life. The purpose of this game is to reflect on the capacities and talents of current staff as well as consider gaps or opportunities for future strengths. Ultimately, this is a game to facilitate conversations among colleagues working in a makerspace and consider how their roles can better support learning and engagement.

Introduction to the Tool

Guide for Using the Tool

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