Activity Sequence

This activity can take 1-2 hours, and can be revisited over time. This game is best played with 4-10 participants. The goal of the game is for each player to collect a hand of cards that represents their own individual interests, strengths, and expertise with regard to their role in the makerspace or program. To set the game up, shuffle and deal five cards to each player cards to each participant. Place remaining cards in a stack face down in the middle of the table. Everyone looks at their own cards.


To begin, one player draws a card from the central deck, and chooses whether or not to keep or discard the card based on its relevancy, with respect to the other cards in hand, to their role within the makerspace. If the card is kept, it must take place of one of the cards in hand. If it is not kept, it must be discarded. The discarded card is laid face up in front of the player discarding.

  • Thought Prompt: Does this card describe your your personal interests, strengths and expertise with respect to your role in the makerspace or program better than any of the other cards in your hand?

In each subsequent turn, players can either choose to draw a face down card from the central deck or choose to take a face up card from in front of another player. Play continues until the last face-down card is revealed and either kept or discarded. All players reveal their hand, laying them face up in front of them on the table. Each player takes a turn discussing their cards and the implications of their choices, themes, etc.


  • What do the cards you selected say about you?
  • What do the discarded cards say about your team as a whole?
  • Were there any card choices that were surprising to you or the group?
  • How can your team adapt roles and projects to reflect the interests, strengths and expertise of individuals?
  • What sort of actions can you make as an individual to work in areas that are suited to your strengths, interests, and expertise?
  • What areas of practice are not well represented? What are the implications of this for your makerspace or program?
  • How might the structures, goals, programming, etc. of your makerspace or program change to better reflect and/or accommodate the strengths and interests of your staff?

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