Create and sustain effective makerspaces in your community

An open online course from the folks who brought you Making and Learning

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to assist in the design and/or implementation of a makerspace or maker program that supports learning in a museum or library. The course can support people who are beginning the development of a new makerspace or maker program or be used to improve upon one that is already up and running.

Intended Audience

This course is intended for museum and library professionals, or anybody who is designing a makerspace. We encourage participants to engage in the sessions with team members, from your own organization and/or with partner organizations.

Course Format: Learning Circles

The course consists of 30 minutes of background reading (Session Zero), and four two-hour sessions. While you can access the materials on your own, the course is designed to be taken as a learning circle: a model of peer-facilitated learning that is designed to add face-to-face interaction and social accountability to the online course experience. Learning circles offer the opportunity to work through this course with your colleagues or neighbors. After each session, participants are encouraged to share their work on the virtual forum with others who are taking the course.

By creating a learning circle, you’ll benefit from resources and a community that help you facilitate a peer discussion, as well as software tools that generate promotional materials and automatically remind participants of upcoming meetings. If you don’t see a nearby learning circle on this page, you can create your own below - just be sure to select “Making and Learning” from the list of courses.

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Weekday, 3 PM - 4:35 PM, Asia/Dili

3 weeks beginning 17 March 2016